About Us


Welcome to SPEED ŠKODA , where engineering precision combines with a passion for driving. We are a well-known automaker with a storied past and a dedication to providing our esteemed customers with great vehicles.

Our Goal

Our goal at SPEED ŠKODA is to design cars that reinvent the driving experience. We want to go above and beyond expectations and establish new benchmarks in the automobile industry with an emphasis on innovation, performance, and elegance. Our founders, Laurin and Klement, started their journey in the automotive industry in the late 19th century, which is where our history begins. Since then, ŠKODA has developed into a well-known brand that is associated with excellence, dependability, and cutting-edge technology.

Our Assortment

Our assortment of cars demonstrates our commitment to quality. Each ŠKODA model, from tiny cars to elegant sedans and adaptable SUVs, is painstakingly built to provide comfort, flair, and exceptional performance on the road. To make every journey in a ŠKODA an unforgettable one, we continuously push the limits of engineering and design.

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Our Commitment

We have a strong commitment to sustainability in addition to the enjoyment of driving. To lessen our carbon footprint and help create a better future, we actively look for eco-friendly solutions and use cutting-edge technologies and practices.

Speed Skoda Community

ŠKODA is a community of enthusiastic drivers rather than just a manufacturer of excellent cars. We take pleasure in using a customer-centric strategy that puts your wants and requirements first in all we do. Throughout your ownership experience, our committed team of specialists is at your disposal and ready to help. We offer individualised service and support.